Jewish Gifts

On Jewish Gifts I can tell you two things that are true. The first is that Jewish holidays happen often there is no shortage of holidays on the Jewish calendar. The other thing that is for sure is that gift giving is an age old custom in the Jewish tradition and history, dating back to the pastoral days of the Bible. Jewish people love to give and receive gifts.

Hamsa Charm BraceletBack in the good old days most of these gifts were actually handmade. Well, this is because most people didn't have enough money for fancy cosmopolitan shopping. A hand-stitched article of clothing or a home-baked cake were common items to give as a gift. Sometimes if people had enough money an artistic goldsmith or something like it might have been commissioned to make some special item which would then be handed down through the generations as an heirloom.

But things have changed. Today there really is no excuse not to find a great Jewish gift; especially in the age of electronic commerce on the internet. Now, when I say Jewish Gifts I do not necessarily imply those gifts which you give Jews on their birthday, or on Hanukkah.

Judaica is something very special which really might capture anyone's fancy! It could be silverware, jewelry, home decorations or more. It could be a hamsa, a Star of David, a candelabra or a hat. It may be silver, gold, porcelain or plastic. It is still Judaica and it still makes a great Jewish Gift.

From your gift you should receive that warm loving glow and a sense of wisdom from an ancient people who know how to sing the blues and who know how to sing "Hava Nagila". There should be the sense of spring even in the winter and oh by God there should be a sense of hope. This could be a gift to a Jew, from a Jew, or from one gentile to another, but if it follows these guidelines then indeed it is a Jewish Gift.

Now, know this: beautiful Jewish Gifts are a keepsake both for Christian Jews and Born Again Christian believers alike. The Jewish heritage is something which is very dear to the hearts of those of Jewish heritage through the bloodline of their parents and it's also dear to those who are Jewish through the adopted blood line of Jesus Christ.

Jewish gifts are always beautiful and unique gifts which speak of the wonderful heritage offered to all who believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Mother of Pearl Jewelry created in Israel as well as cross pendants and other specially created pieces of jewelry are considered beautiful Jewish gifts. Jewish gifts also include Olive wood carvings and wall hangings which offer beautiful art work for the wall of the home or as a conversation piece set out on a desk or table. You can give an authentic Jewish gift which will remind your loved one of their Christian heritage in Jesus Christ.

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