Hand of Fatima

Hamsa Hand AmuletIn Islam the story tells us about the daughter of Muhammad, Fatima, who was in the middle of preparing food and was surprised by the early return of her husband Prophet Ali one day. His unexpected return was due to the arrival of a gorgeous, young concubine. Fatima was deeply hurt but kept her cool and continued preparing the family meal. She was preparing Halva, a traditional sweet dish made with sesame seeds, on a hot frying plan and influenced by the sight of her husband and the new arrival used her hand to stir absent mindedly.

Fatima's hand became a symbol in the Muslim world and Middle East. For hundreds of years the Hand of Fatima was worn as the symbol for loyalty and forbearance. Hamsa necklaces and Hamsa bracelets are used to bring good luck and protection to the owners. Some sources link the significance of the five fingers to the Five Pillars of Islam, the core principles of Sunni Islamic faith, though this significance may have been attributed after the fact to a symbol that was around well before Islam.

In recent years some peace activists in the Middle East have chosen to wear the Hamsa as a symbol of the similarities of origins and tradition between the Islamic and Jewish faiths.

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