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Hamsa Necklace TurquoiseHamsa symbols have been growing in popularity and has entered the fashion, jewelry, home decor and fashion accessories market with tremendous success. Over the past few years several artists and designers have incorporated the Hamsa motif into their creations. In addition, the growing interest in self awareness, mysticism and ancient symbolism have contributed to the growing interest in the Hamsa.

Red Hamsa Charm NecklaceJewelry designers have used both the traditional Hamsa hand design as well as some more modern variations on the shape. Traditionally the more popular metals have been Sterling Silver and Pewter, but there are some Gold and Platinum jewlery pieces. The Hamsa necklace makes for an ideal gift for loved ones and has been a popular birthday and anniversary gift. There is great appeal in showing someone you love them by giving them a protective amulet they wear around their neck.

The Hamsa bracelets have also grown in popularity especially with the increased interest in the Kabbalah bracelets and the Evil Eye themes associated. Some of the more popular Hamsa design themes have included been the Middle Eastern styles, some filigree and crystals. The dominant colors have traditionally been Red, Blue and Turquoise - all associated with health, fertility, success and happiness in some way. The are several Hamsa jewelry examples below.

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