The Hamsa

Hamsa Charm Home DecorHamsa is a symbol, amulet and charm that is well ingrained in the world's most ancient civilizations as a protector against the Evil Eye. With its many names Hamsa, Hamsa Hand (Arabic), Chamsa, Hand of God, Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hamesh Hand (Hebrew) to name just a few - the meaning is for the most part the same, the five digits of the human hand protecting the user. Research shows that the Hamsa is a symbol that has been around for thousands of years and that it even predates Judaism and Islam. There are several styles for the Hamsa Hand, the double thumbs (equal) symmetrical with three centered fingers and a second prominent variation that looks like the natural human hand form.

In recent years, brought on by a renewed interest in the mystical and growing attention to our spiritual side, Kabbalah Jewelry and Kabbalah bracelets, like the Red Kabbalah String Bracelet, have brought attention to the Hamsa. Hamsa Hand can be seen on bracelets, necklaces and various types of silver and handmade jewelry. Some extensions of the Hamsa Jewelry theme have been rediscovered as well, Evil Eye Jewelry and other variations related to magical protection have been gaining popularity.

There are a several artists who have been developing unique gifts and original artwork with the Hamsa Hand motives. These lines of handmade Hamsa jewelry, Hamsa wall decoratives, home decor and Hamsa accessories (like Key Chains) have become very popular around the world. The Hamsa images on this site are a mixed collection of styles and themes. Some are influenced by the Far East, Middle East styles, Islamic, Israeli and more. There are several leading Israeli artists who have become known for their Hamsa work. Artists like Ester Shahaf, MIZZE Made for Luck Jewelry and Iris design to name a few, have made the Hamsa Hand a popular theme in their work.

In a world that seems more uncertain then ever, the Hamsa hand provides a link with a mystical time, when life was simpler. Regardless of belief the Hamsa Hand artwork has been bringing people peace, tranquality and beauty.

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